How to change resolution to 1728x1080 in PUBG

Nov 06, 2022

In PUBG [Playerunknown's Battleground], 1728 x 1080 resolution gives you a better feel, fewer fps drops and a wider look of target which makes it easy to aim and fire. It is favourite resolution of many PUBG professional players nowadays. To change the resolution in PUBG, go through the following steps:

  1. Open search menu and search for "Nvidia Control Panel", click on "Change Resolution" in the left menu as shown in image.
  2. nvidia-panel-settings-pubg-1
  3. Go thorugh Customize > Create Custom resolution.
  4. nvidia-panel-settings-pubg-2
  5. Change 'horizontal pixels' to '1728' and click "Test". Now you have added 1728*1080 resolution to your computer. You can keep default resolution for your desktop, still you will be able to use 1728*1080 resolution in-game.
  6. nvidia-panel-settings-pubg-3
  7. Now launch PUBG, go to settings and choose 1728*1080 as your resolution. Enjoy!
  8. nvidia-panel-settings-pubg-4

If you want to make a more stretched resolution of your own, then this method will not work. Read this article for making a resolution of your own.