PUBG: Fix FPS Drops and Lag

Jan 17, 2023

Players have reported experiencing lag and stuttering issues while playing the PUBG. Lag is not just a problem of low end pc users but high end gamers also experience lag and unstable graphics in PUBG. These issues can make the game unplayable and frustrating but there are several things you can do to improve performance of your game.

Whether you have a weak or powerful computer, this guide will help you for sure. Make sure your Graphics are upto date and your system meets at least the minimum system requirements as shown below. If your system is above the requirements, that's even better.


Go through following quick steps and get a boost in your FPS and eliminate Lag.

1. Clear Cache and Temp files

Window Search for RUN or simply press Windows + R and a prompt will appear. Search for following terms and delete every file in there. Don't hesitate to delete them, these are junk files taking space in your system.

  1. temp
  2. %temp%
  3. prefetch

Also defragement your HDD or SSD that contain the game files for clearing all cache and junk files from your PC.

2. Windows Optimizations

Search and apply these settings in your Windows.

  1. Enable Game Mode
  2. Disable Xbox Game Bar
  3. Enable "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" from Graphics Settings.
  4. Go to Task Manager > Startup and disable unnecessary apps from executing themselves on Boot.
  5. Disable Background Apps from window settings. This will free up resources on your PC and improve performance.
  6. Use Intelligent standby list cleaner (ISLC) by Wagnard. This software will keep your RAM clean. islc

3. Graphics Settings


This is the most important aspect that can impact your game's performance. Read this dedicated Guide for the right graphics settings.

4. Steam Launch Options

These are some commands for steam launcher. Go to steam library, right click PUBG > Properties > General > Launch Options.
-maxMem=16000 -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -high -KoreanRating

Type your total memory in mbs in "-maxMem" and "-KoreanRating" changes the blood color to green.

Tips for better performance in PUBG:

  1. Enable Image Scaling from Nvidia Geforce Panel
  2. Switch to "Very Low" Graphics Settings
  3. Play on Lower resolution e.g. 1728x1080 or 1600x1024
  4. Lower render scale in-game
  5. Enable Smoothed Frame Rate in PUBG Display settings

After applying all the settings, restart and update your system. It will surely help in improving your game performance.

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