PUBG: Best Hotdrop Locations to Land

Nov 07, 2022

'Hot drop' is a term used by gamers for places where a lot of players land but very few of them survive. Although, PUBG pc is a survival game but at the same time it gets boring to loot around and get defeated on your encounter with the opponent. A lot of players are eager to get into fights and get more and more kills. It is necessary to practice hotdrops to dominate your opponents in fights.

Consider your plane's path before landing. Players can't parachute far enough after jumping from a plane. Here is a quick walkthrough of locations where you can hot drop. In the below images, hot drop locations are represented in red circles.


Erangal is considered to be the founder map of PUBG. Now its places are well known by its player. In Erangal, top 3 hotdrops are:

  1. School and near Aparments
  2. Mylta
  3. Pochinki


Miramer is a desert map based in Mexico with dimensions of 8x8km. It offers plain land, mountains, hilly as well as urban areas. In Miramer, top 3 hotdrop are:

  1. Hacienda del Patron
  2. Pecado
  3. Power Grid


Sanhok is a comparatively smaller map than others and it has a maximum of 64 players. Bootcamp is the centric city of this map and it attracts a lot of players. In Sanhok, top 2 hotdrops are:

  1. Bootcamp
  2. Paradise Resort


Taego is 8x8km map based in Korea. In Taego, top 3 hotdrops are:

  1. Terminal
  2. Palace
  3. Ho San