Fifa 23: The Weakest Players

Nov 05, 2022

Did you ever wondered who are the most weakest players in FIFA this year. Well, here is the answer. Beware, they might not be able to run into the box.

Most Weakest and Feable Players of FIFA 23

Name Nation Club Overall Physicality
Gil Salvatierra fifa-23-spain-flag fifa-23-spurs-logo 77 35
Yeremy Pino fifa-23-spain-logo fifa-23-villarreal-logo 79 45
Lorenzo Insigne fifa-23-italy-flag fifa-23-toronto-logo 84 45
Álvaro García fifa-23-spain-flag fifa-23-rayo-logo 76 45
Mesut Özil fifa-23-germany-flag fifa-23-sehir-logo 78 46
Verde fifa-23-italy-flag fifa-23-spezia-logo 75 47
Nakajima fifa-23-japan-flag fifa-23-antalya-logo 76 47
Edwards fifa-23-england-flag fifa-23-sporting-logo 78 48
Pastore fifa-23-argentina-flag fifa-23-elche-logo 76 48
Dries Mertens fifa-23-belgium-flag fifa-23-glatas-logo 84 49
Tariq Lamptey fifa-23-ghana-flag fifa-23-brighton-logo 75 49
Daniel Podence fifa-23-spain-flag fifa-23-wolves-logo 78 50

Both Insigne and Mertens were teammates in previous FIFA's. When on attack, they would steal all the headers from defence!

This aritcle is not an advice for you to follow, its only knowledge-based. These players are not a good choice to keep in your squad. They will not perform as good as meta players.

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