Fifa 23: Best Cheap meta players under 3k coins

Nov 12, 2022

Generally, meta stands for Most Efficient Tactic Available. The meta cards perform more than their capability. Core gamers define these players as top-quality performers, capable of making a significant difference to their game.

There are certain factors to be considered in a meta player of every position. Here is a quick guide of meta players you can buy under 3 thousand coins.

Cheap meta Attackers under 3 thousand coins

Name Nation Club Overall Pace
Marcus Rashford fifa-23-england-flag fifa-23-united-logo 81 87
Federico Chiesa fifa-23-italy-nation fifa-23-juventus-logo 84 91
Ben Yedder fifa-23-france-flag fifa-23-monaco-logo 84 81
João Félix fifa-23-portugal-flag fifa-23-atletco-logo 84 83
Raphinha fifa-23-brazil-flag fifa-23-barcelona-logo 83 91
Timo Werner fifa-23-germany-flag fifa-23-liepzig-logo 82 90

Both Rashford and Timo Werner had high rated and overpowerd cards last year of fifa. They used to cost a lot more than they do now. Still they are a good option for low budget attack.

Cheap meta Midfeilders under 3 thousand coins

Name Nation Club Overall Pace
Sandro Tonali fifa-23-italy-flag fifa-23-milan-logo 84 81
Alejandro Gómez fifa-23-argentina-nation fifa-23-sevilla-logo 84 86
Renato Sanches fifa-23-portugal-flag fifa-23-psg-logo 80 83
Federico Valverde fifa-23-uruguay-flag fifa-23-realmadrid-logo 84 87
Wilfred Ndidi fifa-23-nigeria-flag fifa-23-leicester-logo 84 66
Kessié fifa-23-cote-flag fifa-23-barca-logo 84 78

Cheap meta Defenders under 3 thousand coins

Name Nation Club Overall Pace
Presnel Kimpembe fifa-23-france-flag fifa-23-psg-logo 83 80
Joe Gomez fifa-23-england-nation fifa-23-liverpool-logo 81 80
Lucas Hernández fifa-23-france-flag fifa-23-bayern-logo 84 77
Nuno Mendes fifa-23-portugal-flag fifa-23-psg-logo 80 89
Juan Cuadrado fifa-23-colombia-flag fifa-23-juventus-logo 83 90
Reece James fifa-23-england-flag fifa-23-chelsea-logo 84 81

Cheap meta Goalkeepers under 3 thousand coins

Name Nation Club Overall Diving
Emiliano Martínez fifa-23-argentina-flag fifa-23-aston-logo 84 85
Samir Handanovic fifa-23-slovenia-nation fifa-23-inter-logo 84 80
Pope fifa-23-england-flag fifa-23-newcastle-logo 81 80
Schmeichel fifa-23-denmark-flag fifa-23-nice-logo 83 81
Koen Casteels fifa-23-belgium-flag fifa-23-wolfsburg-logo 84 84

In fifa 22, Pope was considered cheat card by fifa enthusiasts. He would save nearly every ball coming to the post. He was so popular that a lot of players used his basic gold card in their expensive squads. He is 199cm (6'5 feet) tall and still he is something special. Beside him Kasper Schmeichel, Samir are good goalkeepers to use.