Fifa 23: Most Toxic Celebrations

Jan 29, 2023

Celebrations in FIFA is a way to communicate with your opponent. These celebrations will tease your opponents and make them rage quit that will save you a lot of time. Although, EA Sports is trying to their best to remove toxicity from this game but no worries I gotcha.

How to make Your Opponent Rage Quit in FIFA?

There are few tricks to make your opponent rage quit. First Tip is when you score your first goal don't skip and keep running in stadium and do these celebrations. In case you get a two goal lead, then do some more annoying celebrations to trigger your opponent.

Runnning Celebrations

Hand on Head Flick R ⇦ then hold R ⇦ Flick R ⇦ then hold R ⇦
Thumb Suck Hold ▢ Hold X
Telephone Hold R ⇩ Hold R ⇩
Windmill Spin R clockwise Spin R around
Blow Kisses Flick R ⇩ then hold R ⇧ Flick R ⇩ then hold R ⇧
Aeroplane Hold R3 Hold R3
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Finishing Celebrations

ZOMBIE Tap ▢ Tap ▢
KO Hold L1 double tap ▢ Hold LB double tap ▢
Tea Hold L2 Flick R ⇨⇦ Hold LT Flick R ⇨⇦
Tea For Two Hold R1 Flick ⇩⇩ Hold RB Flick ⇩⇩
Cradle Swing Hold R2 press △ Hold RT press Y
Neighbourhood Hold L2 Flick R ⇩⇩ Hold LT Flick R ⇩⇩
Griddy Hold R2 Flick R ⇧⇧ Hold RT Flick R ⇧⇧
Point Hold L1 Flick R ⇨⇨ Hold LB Flick R ⇨⇨
Big Man Hold L1 hold R ⇨ Hold LB hold R ⇨
Pigeon Hold R1 press R3 Hold RB press R3
Complete List 👇

Speaking of toxic things, do you know what else is more toxic than these celebrations ? A pepper spray! Get a pepper spray to defend yourself in any situation. What else could be much compact and cheaper self defence weapon without even causing permanent harm to the attacker.


The Zombie Celebration needs to be unlocked from Ultimate Store. Make Sure to not eat your opponents. Cradle Swing could be very mean in some situations.

FIFA is a very addicting game for many which can be a very dangerous symptom for Internet gaming disorder. Always keep a check on your gaming hours. Read this article for more details on gaming addictions.

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