Fifa 23: The Best cheapest Icons

Dec 04, 2022

This year of FIFA, the icons are cheaper than the previous FIFAs with more supply in packs. By using Icons in your squad, you can experience the great players of past. There are a lot of new icons in fifa 23. Getting a random Icon may not benefit your team much.

The Biggest advantage of using Icons is having no chemistry headache. Icons share green link to player of their country and yellow link to other nations. They also share strong green bond between themselves. Getting yourself one these cheap Icons will boost the performance of your team.

Best Cheapest Icon Attackers

Name Nation Club Overall Pace
Luis Hernández fifa-23-mexico-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 85 93
Hernán Crespo fifa-23-argentina-logo fifa-23-icon-logo 87 86
Hugo Sánchez fifa-23-mexico-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 87 88
Shevchenko fifa-23-ukraine-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 86 88
Fernando Torres fifa-23-spain-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 85 87

Best Cheapest Icon Midfeilders

Name Nation Club Overall Pace
Makélélé fifa-23-france-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 85 86
Laurent Blanc fifa-23-france-logo fifa-23-icon-logo 85 83
Sócrates fifa-23-brazil-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 87 80
Verón fifa-23-argentina-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 88 74
Gennaro Gattuso fifa-23-italy-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 87 74

Best Cheapest Icon Defenders

Name Nation Club Overall Pace
Frank Rijkaard fifa-23-netherlands-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 88 78
Cannavaro fifa-23-italy-logo fifa-23-icon-logo 89 76
Nesta fifa-23-italy-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 90 71
Emmanuel Petit fifa-23-france-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 85 80
Carles Puyol fifa-23-spain-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 86 76

Best Cheapest Icon Goalkeepers

Name Nation Club Overall Diving
Iker Casillas fifa-23-spain-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 88 90
Petr Cech fifa-23-czech-logo fifa-23-icon-logo 88 87
Peter Schmeichel fifa-23-denmark-flag fifa-23-icon-logo 86 85

Iker Casillas is a new addition to Icons in Fifa. He is one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. He was retired on August 2020. This card will surely add a new vibe to your squad.

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