How to change Server/Region in any PC game

May 05, 2023

Many of the modern games do not have an in-game option to let players change their region. Well, there are interests of gaming companies behind this move. But it does not mean that there is no way to change your server.

The only way to do so is by using the right VPN. A normal VPN is not made for gaming purpose, using a normal free VPN for games may let you change your in-game server location but it will drastically decrease your ping and performance.

Below is the most appropriate VPN service for Gamers which is recommended by thousands of professional players.


exit-lag Get ExitLag on special discount using this link

Exitlag is a VPN service dedicated for gamers only. It has a lot of features to improve your gaming experience.

The best thing I like about ExitLag is that it lets you switch across all available servers in any game e.g EU, SEA, Korea, Asia etc. It's application has dedicated options for hundred of games.

Among it's Features:

  1. MULTIPATH CONNECTION: Your connection packets are simultaneously run through different routes in order to ensure the packet's delivery.
  2. FPS BOOST: Small tweaks in the operating system that enhance FPS performance during gaming.
  3. MULTI-INTERNET CONNECTION: In case the gamer's got more than 1 internet source, Exitlag makes it possible to use 2 simultaneously so as to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience should one internet provider fail.
  4. WORLDWIDE SERVERS: Hundreds of servers spread across the globe help which guarantees a stable connection from anywhere to anywhere.

And the good thing about ExitLag is that it's super cheap. Don't ever trust free pirated VPN's for your privacy.


Changing your server in-game has lots of benefits. You will get better latency and ping, more populated lobbies in other servers. Also playing style of players across other servers is different, some regions have noobs, tryhard pros in some and some servers are full of hackers.