PUBG: Best Gun Skins 2023

Dec 22, 2022

Skins are cosmetic items in-game that can be used to change the appearance of weapons and other. PUBG has launched thousand of weapon skins till now but most of them are available for a limited time. Not all but some PUBG guns skins available on the steam market. The good thing about trading steam market is that you can resell your item and get your money back (in profit sometimes) when you want. Some of the best gun skins in the game are:

1. PCS3 Blue Bullion - SLR


PCS3 Blue Bullion is a premium skin available on the market. This skin changes the appearance of the SLR rifle to a blue color scheme. The beauty of the skin speaks for itself. It costs 40-50$ on the steam market.

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2. Gold Plate - AKM


A Golden finish! Who does not love it. This Skin used to cost more than 50$ on the steam but now you can get it for under a dollar, thanks to inflation.

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3. Glory - AKM


This skin gives the AKM assault rifle a blacked out finish, with a white stripe running down the barrel. It costs under 15$.

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4. PCS1 - M416


This skin gives the M416 assault rifle a golden and grey finish. This skin is available for under 10$.

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5. Gold Plate - S686


The Gold Plate - S686 has a wooden and gold finish which gives it a sleek and stylish appearance. It's a great skin for players who like gold plated skins.

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6. PCS2 Gilded Triumph - Mini14


This skin gives the Mini14 a golden and black finish. It is available for under 15$ on the steam market.

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7. PCS2 Gilded Triumph - Kar98k

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8. Trifecta - SCAR-L

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9. Turquoise Delight - M16A4

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Note: These skins do not have any effect on the performance of the weapon.

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