The Best Nostalgic pc Games to play in 2023

Nov 20, 2022

There's something nostalgic about playing a game you played five to ten years ago again. You would start to memorize all the experiences you had. Games these days, give almost the same feel of mechanics, graphics, action and storyline. A gamer may get bored playing the video games of this era. To have an understanding of evolvement of game industry, it's necessary to try classical games of 90's. These games will fresh up your game sense.

This article is composed of the top-hit classical games that have a die-hard fanbase. These games are still popular among the gamers. If you have not played these games yet, you are missing a great experince. Moreover, old games require a very basic computer to run. The modern gaming PC's can run these games like a piece of cake.

1. GTA San Andreas


Developer: Rockstar
Release Date: October 26, 2004

GTA San Andreas is the game every true gamer can relate to. It's a open world game of it's time as you can drive every vehicle, fly planes and do a lot more stuff. I played this game in my childhood days but could not understand its story and skipped all the cutscenes on my low end pc. Recently I finished its storyline after 8 years and it gave me whole new experience. The storyline of the game revolves around the gangster Carl Jhonson also known as CJ who had clashes with Ballas and other gangs to dominate the city. When he returned to the city of Los Santos, he found his gang members dead and Ballas roaming around the city. This game has three main cities: Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. During the missions, CJ keep travelling across rural areas to cities again.

2. Far Cry 2


Developer: Ubisoft
Release Date: October 21, 2008

Far Cry 2 is a first-person shooter. Far Cry 2 takes place during the civil war in Central Africa. It is your mission to hunt down and kill The Jakal who is selling arms to both sides. Discover beautiful desert and jungle environments on the land and in the rivers. Your main mission is to defeat the mercenaries and find the diamonds.

3. GTA Vice City


Developer: Rockstar
Release Date: October 29, 2002

GTA Vice City was released two year beofre GTA San Andreas and both have a lot of similarities. It is also an open-world game, you can travel on foot and cars. You can freely roam around the fictional Vice City consisting of two islands, the islands are unlocked for the player as you complete missions. The game's plot is based on multiple events and people in Miami such as Cubans, Haitians, and biker gangs. The game was also influenced by the television and films of its era.

4. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005)


Developer: Electronic Arts (EA)
Release Date: November 11, 2005

Need for Speed Most Wanted is an open-world racing game and the 9th game in the series of Need for Speed. The game focuses on street racing-oriented gameplay involving a selection of events and racing circuits in the fictional city of Rockport. This Need for Speed brought in many improvements over other entries in the series, its major highlight was more advanced police pursuits. You have the role of a street racer who competes against the city's most elite street racers to become the most wanted racer. The game received positive reviews from critics and became a commercial success, selling 16 million copies worldwide

5. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Developer: Infinity Ward, Treyarch
Release Date: November 5, 2007

This Call of Duty was a total commercial success, The game won numerous awards from gaming websites. It delivered the most intense and cinematic action which was ahead of its time. Unlike previous call of duties that are obsessed with World Wars, the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is based in modern times. The storyline of the game takes place in the year of 2011, where a radical leader has executed the president of an unknown country in the Middle East, and a nationalist movement sparks a civil war in Russia. We see the conflicts as U.S Marine and British S.A.S. soldiers prespective and we are the 'Good Guys'. The game is set in various places such as the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Russia.

6. Diablo 2

Image sources: (Blizzard Entertainment)

Developer: Blizzard
Release Date: June 28, 2000

Diablo II: Resurrected is the official remastered version of Diablo II. In Diablo II, the story progresses through 4 'Acts' or Chapters. Each act follows a predetermined path, but the areas in between the key points are randomly generated. The player progresses through the game by completing quests that move the story along. Act II mimics Ancient Egypt's desert and tombs; Lut Gholein resembles a Middle Eastern city and palace during the Crusades. Diablo II looks like a horror thrilling game by looking at its main theme banner but its not much scary to play. This game is a must try for dark fantasy and horror games freaks.

7. Duke Nukem 3D

Image sources: (Gearbox)

Developer: 3D Realms, Gearbox Software
Release Date: 1996

The main character of this game is a mascular man who travels across the globe kicking alien ass and saving babes. Duke Nukem 3D is one of the early first-person shooter genre video game. It is considered to be one of the games responsible for popularizing first-person shooters. This one is controversial game on the list. After its release, this game immediately drew criticism due to its violence, perversive elements, and its view of women. This game is pretty much similar to DOOM, also both were released the same year. However this game was a success and it got very popular among its fanbase.