How to get Andrew Tate Character in GTA 5 with Bugatti - 2023

Dec 30, 2022

You have probably seen viral vidoes of Andrew Tate roaming around in GTA Online. It's so fun to experience it in game, you must give it a try. Here is a complete guide to get Andrew Tate's costume and Bugatti in GTA V.

There is no such default Andrew Tate character in GTA V but you can customize your character appearance to resemble like him.

Andrew tate's Character GTA 5:

Get to Character Creator from Interaction Menu > Style > Change Appearance. Choose the following options.


  • Mom - Ava
  • Dad - Niko


  • Brows - Shallow
  • Eyes - Wide
  • Nose - Small
  • Nose Profile - Standard
  • Nose Tip - Standard
  • Cheekbones - Small
  • Cheeks - Standard
  • Lips - Standard
  • Jaw - Round
  • Chin Profile - Small
  • Chin Shape - Pointed




  • Glasses - Charcoal Cop Frame
  • Tattoo - Dragons on Right Arm
  • Biker Jackets - Fitted Leather Jacket
  • T-Shirt - Black
  • Jeans - Black Fitted

Congrats! You have successfully made Andrew's Character in GTA Online. Now it's time to get hands on the famous Bugatti Chirron. The clone of Bugatti in GTA Online is called TRUFFADE NERO. You can purchase from Bennys showroom.


After purchasing the car, head over to Benny's Garage. Upgrade the car to Benny's custom variant and modify it according to original one.

Now you are ready to punish broke people on the streets.